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  • In the kitchen with Chef Blair...

    I'm always trying to eat healthy... That is until my stomach starts behaving like a 4-year-old nagging for an Oreo Mint milkshake from Cook-Out. Usually while I'm inhaling any carbs that aren't nailed down, I visually stimulate myself by perusing through Pinterest. There I discovered a super delicious recipe for "flour-less pancakes". I documented my efforts:

    Against my brightly colored countertop, you'll note I've place 2 eggs & 1 chopped banana in a bowl:

    Then I mashed the shit out of them by using that potato-masher thing. NOTE: Feel free to use any method of mixing you deem more effective. (Looks like nacho cheese dip in this pic):

    Then I poured the goop into the skillet on medium heat till brown'd on each side:

    Repeat this process depending on yo' skillet size and BOOM!

    It's sooo good that my hair got a woody!