"Blair Peyton knows how to wear many hats! Not only is he an incredible TV talent and director, he also knows how to make a radio station hum. His lineup he has created on Fox Radio 910 is sure to entertain the masses. Not only a team player but he recognizes talent and makes them better."

Frazier Hughes, Sales and Training Manager at Security Force, Inc.

  • The Roanoker Magazine

    2015: Best Free Laughs for "Tuned Out" (Gold)

    2014: Best Free Laughs for "Tuned Out" (Platinum)

    2013: Best Free Laughs for "Tuned Out" (Silver)

    2012: Best-Kept Secret (Tuned Out), Best Local Twitter Feed (Silver)

    2011: Best-Kept Secret (Tuned Out)

    2010: Best Local Blogger (, Best Source for Fun News (Blair & Christie Show), Best Free Comedy (Tuned Out)
  • Most Humorous Roanoker

    City Magazine’s Most Humorous Roanoker 2010 award
  • Article about "Tuned Out"

    Article about my TV show "Tuned Out" as featured in The Roanoke Star.
  • ‘All Access’ (radio syndicate website) news tip on TUNED OUT

    Click HERE to view.
  • “Cybersmack” finalist

    Top 10 “Cybersmack” finalist for and "The Soup" with Joel McHale for the sketch I wrote/produced called "Sissy Poopers". Click HERE to view.
  • Best "SexyBack" parody from

    Featured in an article for for best “SexyBack” music video parody. The article on MTV’s website helped in getting a contract job for the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, to produce an on-line movie parody (used as an example) for a user-generated category. Click HERE to view.