• Katie Murray | Director at Orange County Arts Commission

    Blair is a BLAST! He is hands-down one of the most creative and funny people I have ever have the pleasure of working with. But with the humor comes responsibility, and if Blair commits to doing something, you can trust that it will get done. If I could clone Blair and carry him around in my pocket all day, I absolutely would.
  • Justin Ditmore | Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing at Milestone Developments

    Blair is one of the most talented producers I've worked with in my 20+ years of sports broadcasting. His creativity and ability to produce top of the line effects, spots and marketing material is outstanding. I would HIGHLY recommend Blair to anybody in the radio/TV business who needs a creative, hard working person.
  • Sarah Parker | Director of Human Factors Research at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute

    Blair has been so fantastic to work with on building both a social media presence and building my website. He has extremely quick turn around, he is responsive to feedback, and wants to build the best product (in this case a website) that also meets the needs of the client. In addition, he made a number of suggestions and structural changes that made the website much better than I initially envisioned. I have loved working with him.
  • Taryn Anderson, MS-DIM | Problem Solver, Creative Communicator, and Analytical Designer

    Blair is a bright, energetic, and passionate producer for both radio and television. He is also thinks outside-of-the-box, isn't afraid to try something different, and really entertaining. Blair is a pleasure to work with both on and off-air.
  • Frazier Hughes | Berglund Sales Representative/Former Radio Personality

    Blair Peyton knows how to wear many hats! Not only is he an incredible TV talent and director, he also knows how to make a radio station hum. His lineup he has created on Fox Radio 910 is sure to entertain the masses. Not only a team player but he recognizes talent and makes them better.
  • Christina Lee | CEO Deaf Dogs Rock

    Working with Blair was fun, creative, and rewarding. After meeting with Blair, he understood my goals when I asked him to produce a special video to represent our media group WSLQ and WFIR in an upcoming media buy. Our goal was to secure a new media buy for the Virginia Lottery placed by the Spurrier Media Group (2008) for WSLQ and WFIR to be selected as a major media partner in the Virginia Lottery's new Teacher campaign. Our broadcast group earned the media buy for 2008 and 2009 for this particular campaign. Working with Blair and sending in his sample video, helped the Spurrier Media group see our WSLQ/WFIR team was creative, proactive, and had great partnerships in our local community. I highly recommend Blair for future media/digital projects.