TUNED OUT | March 21, 2010-August 23, 2015

Created by myself, Christie Quackenbush and Bryan Hancock, TUNED OUT is a documentary-style sitcom produced in Roanoke, Virginia. The series begins when a camera crew shows up to follow the daily antics of a small-town, religious radio station “Good God FM”. Unbeknownst to the staff, the radio station has been sold to conglomerate Stratus Media. By the end of episode 1, “Pop FM” was born thus forcing the inept staff to adapt to the unfamiliar.

The colorful characters that inhabit the world of TUNED OUT have private lives so outrageous that even the most successful psychologist couldn’t help. Midway through season four, Tess’s parents purchase Pop FM after Stratus Media decides to fire the entire staff. As a cost cutting measure, “Pop FM” transforms into “Talk FM” to avoid those pesky music licensing fees. Even with the change, there’s still more content off air than on.

Broadcast History:

  • Season One debuted on TUNED OUT's Facebook page Wednesday, August 26, 2009. Following episode 5 "Holiday", each episode would premiere monthly on TUNED OUT's YouTube page.
  • On March 21, 2010, TUNED OUT debuted on MNN-4 (New York City) airing biweekly on Sunday nights at 11:00 EST. The last four episodes aired exclusively on YouTube.
  • Beginning with Season Two, new episodes would debut on YouTube coinciding with MNN's first-run airing.
  • NBC affiliate WSLS began airing TUNED OUT late Sunday nights at 12:30am EST from September 2011-December 2012.
  • TUNED OUT also aired, at various times, on Valley Vision TV (Southwest Virginia) and on Cox Communications throughout Virginia.